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X-Laser ILDA cable (50ft)

$100.00 $84.00

  • X-Laser labeled cable to ensure quality and authenticity
  • Guaranteed to be interference-free at distances up to 300’
  • Laser-specific connection hardware and shielding to exceed ILDA industry standards
  • Sleek black color to help keep cables concealed
  • Durable connectors and connection pins
ILDA connection is the industry standard for laser systems, and X-Laser’s ILDA cable provides options for any connection setup you can imagine. ILDA cable isn’t just regular DB25, as it is built with internal shielding and pin patterns that are laser-specific and are optimized for laser control applications. A strong, medium-gauge cable provides durability and reliable connections without signal interference, while the sleek black finish helps cables stay concealed at any venue.