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EZ Re-Variance Kit (for used & rental lasers)

$129.00 $99.00

The EZ Re-Variance Kit is for assigning an FDA variance to USED X-Laser projectors (i.e. ones that had already been registered with a previous owner). The X-Laser EZ Re-Variance Kit also works for RENTALS of X-Laser projectors.

The X-Laser EZ Re-Variance Kit is the fastest and most reliable means of obtaining a US laser light show variance from the FDA. All operators of Class 3B and 4 laser products must have a valid variance before using any laser products in a show. 

Unlike some imitations, X-Laser has countless hundreds of approvals to our credit with a greater than 99% approval rate. 

Get legal and be safe with the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit. Valid only for genuine X-Laser USA products. 

(Note: This kit will not work with other brands of laser and is non-refundable. Any "X-Laser" product shipped from overseas is a knock-off and will not work with this kit either.)